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A Mess Is What It Is!

It's been awhile, but I'm participating in WOYWW again tonight. 

So...without further ado...

You get to see the wreck that my workspace is in right now...

All of a sudden, I'm feeling...uhhh...behind.

So what do I do?!?

Yeah...go figure. 

Well, I had to use up the leftover paint from what I did in my sketchbook tonight. Right?

At any rate, I have a TON of play to get played between now and um...the rest of my life.

But had to show you these pictures too - that I took earlier today.

this is the window I'm making the circle curtain for

i've pinned the circles together to see exactly how many more i have to make...just 20 but i've got to put that on hold for a bit

bought at the new PriceSmart yesterday...YES!!! It's the same as COSTCO!!! here in BARRANQUILLA!!! You can't imagine how wonderful it is to get American items at a decent price. Thank God for the free trade agreement which is going to make it even better!
Jerry's coleus
annie!'s begonias
airing out Hillary's quilt (began 1979...finished 2k6)
This is my view while having morning coffee
this too...but the quilt isn't usually there - think i need to paint flowers on the wall over there to the left (ps - my dye sink is behind the quilt)
the bunny likes to play hide and seek with the baby gorilla
he does have two ears...one is hidden in the coleus...which BTW...our neighborhood Iguanas are eating as fast as we can get them to grow - but that's ok because I LOVE seeing lizards in my tree.
And here's where you can go see what a boat load of wonderful artists are up to on this fine Wednesday...


  1. I like the peeks inside your house and studio. Can't wait to see the circle curtain finished. Nice to see you're having so much play fun! ;-)

  2. Love the quilt - the colours are great, there's real history there! What a fab idea to use up scraps and make a circles curtain, really effective :) Though you obviously have way more patience than me...!
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  3. Thank you Caatje. I am having fun but all of a sudden I'm worrying about not having time to get everything done - that I want to do - before we leave for the States!!!

  4. Thanks LLJ! There IS a lot of history in that quilt. It's made from scraps of things I'd made and then embroidered in each corner is whatever was pertinent in my daughter's life as she was growing. I had NO idea how to make a quilt and fear kept me from finishing it but...it was finished in it's time. :)And believe it or not...I consider 'making' fabric fun! and I get to practice free motion stitching and use up scraps!!! so it's all good!

  5. Great shots and your post was a very enjoyable read. You have cute iguanas to devour your plants, we have slimy slugs ... I know which I'd rather have :) Thanks for sharing the snaps. Elizabeth x #53

  6. I'm usually VERY tidy...but I've just been tossing things aside this week and whew! It's hard to focus with chaos!!!

  7. Thank you Elizabeth! Glad you stopped by. :) The iguanas are VERY cool and way better than slugs...which we had in abundance in Virginia.

  8. I just love these circle curtains, I may be to raid my limited stash and some friends stashes and make some for myself.
    Lovely views....xox Corrine

  9. Thanks Corrine! :) I would hand off scraps...but I think I've used them all!

  10. Haha I love it - yes you did need to use that left over paint, quite right! I'm off to go draw now, when I know I should be tidy my space from earlier mess, but I'm going to silence my inner voice by saying 'Bohemiannieart inspired it, not my fault' hehe

  11. Exactly! I'll be happy to take the blame if it gets you making art! :)

  12. Loved your post, amusing & entertaining. Running a bit late this week, have a good week, Shaz

  13. Thank you so much Shazsilverwolf! I really appreciate you dropping by. :)

  14. I'm on catch up, yet again...but so glad I have caught up with your blog. It's really lovely seeing your workspace and pics of your home...what a lovely sunny space...and as for those plants..wow they are gorgeous....ybf,ann.

  15. Thank you Ann. :) I know what you mean about playing catch-up! I'm not spending as much time on the computer...which is a good thing...because there's just so much to be done in a day! Jerry is the one who takes care of the plants. He's retired now...and while that used to be my thing...he really needs it and is doing a great job!

  16. Thanks waggonswest! I'm really loving it too. I can't wait to see it done but have a costume and a bohemiannie! bag to make before I can finish it.


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