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WOW! This is My 100th Post! And the 1st of WOYWW

 front cover
The number 99 caught my eye on my way to write this - and I checked -  it's my 100th post!!!

page 1 (flip side of cover)
Anywho...I came to post my 1st WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday) thing. I joined this last week and thought it might be fun. We shall see.

page 2
 Cool Whip, huh?!?

page 3 (flip side of 2)
I think I should am going to have a give-away to celebrate.

here's page 4
So, what would you like?

flip of 4 = page 5
Just kidding. I get to choose.

page 6
The problem with my give-away, is that the mail system here is very expensive, extensive and exceptionally unreliable..

pg 7

pg 8 dedicated to Tami and you'll know why in a minute

you won't receive it until November probably...

number 9
at which time I can mail it from Virginia or Florida when I visit the States...

page 10 - we're gettin there!
or talk someone who is traveling there sooner into mailing it for me. 

GIVE_AWAY...one of the three angel brooches in the middle is what I'd like to give you if you win the "draw" for the give-away...the top outside two are taken...just leave a comment on this post and I'll have Sophia pick a number between...whatever it is and whatever it is. I forgot to mention last nite...it was late...that I'll do the drawing on my daughter-in-law's, Winge's, birthday...Sunday,August 28th). Hope it's YOU that wins!
But back to WOYWW. (I think of it as wow-wee)!

page 11

I hosted my Colombian Quilt Group here today

page 12
so I didn't spend much time in the play room - except to make a bit of a mess. 

Back Cover - YAY

I usually work in a very neat environment.  

At Sophia's request...we're painting her jewelry box pink. :) We sanded, gessoed, painted X 3 w varnish next X3 (See previous post)
Chaos confuses me.

In getting ready for my friends to come today, I kept putting stuff on Sophia's & my work table just to have it out of sight.

But as you can see from the above/below pictures...

more stuff that was scattered around the house as I was picking up AFTER our meeting - including my book pages
I haven't been idle.

Accomplishing a lot on My Happy For No Reason Book this week has really made me...well...happy. 

I've loved every minute of working on it.
This is where I'm working right now. I've got my picture program open on the right so I can delete pictures. I had 29,000 + and I'm now down to 21,147. All on disc...so just keeping favorites on the HD. What a trip down memory lane. On the left I have my blogger dashboard open and 2 of my favorite blog sites are there but since you can't see them...here they are...Ann's Art @ Studiohyde and pink house studio.

And BTW........My work......Ta DAAA - along with many fabulous artists - will be featured in Seth Apter's blog, The Altered Page in The Pulse, this coming Sunday, August 21st. Hope you'll click on the button up there on the left and check out his website

Actually, I just clicked on that button and it didn't do anything. 

Got to go to my technical guru, Tami. She'll have it fixed in no time.

Probably before I hit the Publish Post button. 

Because she loves me.

Yep - it's done.

She is one of my wonderful nieces who has a verrry interesting blog here.

this is the wall of treasures I restricted myself to in making the above book

You go have a happy life now!

I forgot to mention last nite...it was late...that I'll do the drawing on my daughter-in-law's, Winge's, birthday...Sunday,August 28th). Hope it's YOU that wins!


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! I love all the happy colors and the way you put all your pages together. Each page is a bubble of happiness that you are sharing with each person who views them. Your wall of treasures is awesome! Cheers!

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post! And what a post it is! I love looking at the happy book, it's just gorgeous (wish you were giving that away, haha). Also nice to see where you work, I love looking at studio spaces where actual work is being done (instead of just looking pretty). Hope you will keep blogposting for a long time and keep making such wonderful things!

  3. Congratulations Annie. 100th post (bet you couldn't believe it!) and you found time to mention my blog...wahoo. Love what you do with your fabric art, and I expect Sophia absolutely loves coming to your house. Thanks, btw, for your comment on my 'missing link' (ha, sounds like me!) - I'd actually deleted it 'cause it was awful and have redone it today...I'm happy now:) Oh, and I love the angel bottom left. Have a great day.....ann.

  4. Congrats on 100th post ! YAY !!!
    Yes.. I'll go have a happy life now ! :D

  5. Thank YOU Stephanie! I still haven't quite figured out how I'm going to bind the pages...but it'll happen SooN. Love your tangles!

  6. Thank you Caatie!!! Who knows...maybe one day I Will give it away...I LOVE my play room. Every square inch of it...messy or neat...or not! I meant to add your link to my post last night & knew I was forgetting something but it was way past my bedtime. It'll go in the next post because you're the main one who's inspired me to do the Wednesday thing! I'm looking forward to your tutorial!

  7. Thank you Ann! I hope lots of people will look at your very wonderful sketches via my link! Yes...Sophia loves coming here as much as I love having her. We're connected. Bottom left...I love her hair! Rotsa Ruck!

  8. Thanks Sung-Hee! I know you’re happy. It shows in everything you do and say!

  9. How cool is that? Congratulations! For both your 100th post and being featured on The Altered Page! Wonderful pages in your Happy Book! I just love the vitality in them! (And thanks for the shout out and link!)

  10. Thanks Robin! I love your blog. It always makes me laugh.

  11. Wowee Wow WOW! I LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!! Congrats on 100! Terah

  12. Congratulations on post 100 and on being featured! Both are fantastic. I love the pictures of your workspace.

  13. Cowgirl Red..thank you SO much for the lovely compliment! What an awesome find with your quilt blocks!!!

  14. Thanks waggonswest! I'm really proud of the work you did for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative!

  15. I found your blog through Seth's site. I love your messy style!! I'm totally messy too. Messy= free and artistic!

  16. Congratulations on your 100th post! Your fabric books are simply amazing. Now I remember why I can't let go of my fabric stash just yet. One day I'm going to attempt one of my own. :)

  17. Thank you Marcia. Messy does sound better than sloppy. :) Isn't Seth great?!? Totally generous and amazing in that he does all that work for others. I'm off to see if you have a blog...

  18. Thank you PAT!!! I was a Realtor a decade ago and thought I'd never do art again...so most of my art supplies were given away. I honestly don't believe that will ever happen again! Go in and look at and touch your stash often and it will speak to you. I can't wait to see what you do with it!!

  19. Your style is joyous. I love it! Perhaps "sloppy" style to quilters, but I feel a comfortable 'order' as well.

  20. Thank you Shayla!!! I really do think of my art as ordered. Got to go look for your blog.

  21. Annie! I'm late, and not posting to win anything- but I just LOVE!!! what you've done with all of the fabrics and 'accoutrements' of these pages- can't wait to see the bok bound- you know how i love fabric and books- this is truly wonderful! TFS- big hugs!!! C.

  22. THankS Corinne! You are not late and if you win, I'd be delighted! I got a spider bite last week that's had me down but I'm starting to hanker for the play room again so hopefully it'll get bound this week! Hugs back atcha!

  23. Came here from Seth's blog and have to leave a comment on your colourful beautiful work: Looove it. So pretty and yummy!

  24. Thank you iHanna! I so appreciate your compliment! :)

  25. I always want stuff from you - but I would rather you come her when you are back in the states and then fix my Bohemiannie bag...the handle broke. :(

    Love and miss you tons and tons - and thanks for the blog shout out!

  26. Hey Tami...can you mail it to your mom and then I'll mail it back after I fix it when I go visit in November?!? Love you...and YW.

  27. Congratulations on your 100th post and art feature on The Altered Page. I absolutely love all the texture and bright colors of your happy pages - and to create it for no other reason than it just makes you happy ... FABULOUS!

  28. Thanks Jan! Your comment is encouraging, made me happy :) and I totally appreciate it!

  29. OHHHH, MY!!!! Congrats on your 100th post! It's an awesome milestone. May there be many, many more! Found you thru Artsee Bloggers, and I LOVE your little angels. How lucky I'd be to have one of my very own. BTW - if chaos confuses you, forget about MY studio!!!! This past week I was in the middle of a creative storm1!! Hugs, Terri

  30. Well thank you Terri! I'm gonna have to make more of those Freaky Angels! And...(as with everyone else...I hope you win). :) I work in Controlled Chaos and every once in a while don't clean up...but usually even my messes are pretty neat. Now I need to go look at your blog!


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