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Deleting Pictures - LOTS of Pictures!

building in Old Town - Cartagena, Colombia
Although I don't have the exact number in my head

Courtyard at  Hotel 3 Banderas where Pedro took Hillary on their first trip to Colombia...and then, at their recommendation, Jerry and I stayed at on our way home from our first trip here. We had the room in the top left corner. Loved it.

- a couple months ago - 

Another view of the beautiful courtyard.
I had OVER 29,000 pictures 
Most of these pictures were taken while walking the streets of Old Town Cartagena and I don't have specific info.

in my photo program. 

I've been telling myself for years

love visiting the street vendors
that I need to delete some of them 

but it's just been in the past month or so 

that I've gotten busy with this project. 

I took this picture while standing on the wall that surrounds Old Town or the Old City and I think I'm facing the Carribbean...over there behind those high rise buildings.
I'm down to 17,107
Yes...Jerry and I braved the elements at night. Colombia is NOT as scary as ya'all think it is.
as of this minute

and I thought 

Ann - feel free to sketch any of these!
I'd put some of the ones 

that I'm going to delete 

onto my blog 

Still on the wall...pointed in another direction.
because they're just too wonderful 

Aforementioned dungeons...now made into shops (under the part of the wall you can walk on). Cool, huh?!?
to consign them to perdition. 


where ever deleted photos go 

I was told by the man who owns the shop across the street that Shakira has bought and will refurbish this building. You know she is from Barranquilla...where I live. You didn't know that?!?
when they leave my hard drive. 

They're all saved to disc 

Is this church beautiful...or what?!?
so I can get to them 

when I want...

don't you just love this time of night?!?
and I'm leaving my most favoritist 

I think they call this building the Clock Tower.
(I know that's not a word - (favoritist)) 

in my program...

Yep...these are my least favorite photos.

Don't freak. OK?

This is a school near The Dungeons and you wouldn't BElieve the noise coming out of there around lunch time. Whew!
I'll be doing this again 

View from the back seat.

Looks like they've painted the outside since we were there (according to the link above)
in the next few years

This is the spot in Cartagena - or near it - where Mike Douglas...in the movie 'Romancing The Stone' jumped off the wall to retrieve the emerald out of the Crocodile's belly.
- after I've given everyone 

whichever pictures they're in - 
There's a church up on that hill and if my memory is correct...that's where most of the filming was done for "Romancing The Stone"
and then have it down to 

a manageable 10,000 pix 

or so. 
Can you blame me for taking so many pictures?!?
I hope. 

I've deleted THOUSANDS

of pix 

in the last few days 

because I had a week 

of down time...

(pretty much)...

with a spider bite 

that had me feeling really bad. 

The fruit here on the coast is plentiful and WONderful!
But I'm on the mend and have been back in the play room again today 

Took this picture while on a horse & buggy tour so I'd remember to go back!
and CAN"T WAIT to see my Sophia again.


  1. Crikey Annie, I cannot believe you have had so many photos!! Amazing. Oh, and yes, I have spied at least one or two photos I will be painting, I'm glad you have posted them on here.....cheers, ann.

  2. I am sorry to hear about the spider bite. I sure hope it wasn't that HUGE one you had in the shower! Feel better soon honey!

  3. LOL- I don’t believe anyone has ever used that word…Crikey…when speaking to me before. I love it! Thanks Ann.

  4. Thanks Tami. We killed that one. :( And...even though I didn't see it, I think I would have felt a 4 inch spider in my pants. :)

  5. Oh, annie! So sorry to hear about the spider bite! Ouch! Glad you’re on the mend. The playroom will help in the healing process! (Sophia is ADORABLE!)

  6. Glad you are feeling better. The photography is great... and these are the ones you feel you can delete???

  7. I meant to add... the ones you are keeping must be beyond all that.

  8. Wow, your great photo deletion (or should I say photo migration) is giving us a wonderful view of Columbia. There are some amazing buildings there. Spider bites is one thing I don't have to worry about where I live. I think the most 'dangerous' thing here would be a wasp or maybe a jellyfish on the beach and okay, you don't want to mess with a seal no matter how cute they look! ;-) I hope you are all okay soon.

  9. Hi Robin! I really shouldn't have whined but I certainly appreciate the well wishes! :) I bound my book yesterday and THink the way I did it might work...so yes...playing is always good! And YES...she IS adorable!!! Thank you!

  10. Thanks waggonswest. I thought - in my younger day - that I'd like to be a professional photographer...but I still only get one or two great pictures out of every 50 or so. Thank God for digital photography! And Good cheap cameras. :)I am going to make LOTS of those pictures into quilts...I feel it coming on. And yes...there are lots that just take my breath away - which I've kept and will share with the world eventually. (Probably after I make the quilts). :)

  11. Thank you Caatje! I am feeling better. :) Colombia has some very beautiful areas, buildings, architecture, coastline, city skylines, etc...but the most beautiful thing I see here is the friendly, generous spirit of the people. It's a great place to live. I remember seeing seals on a boat docked in front of ours once and they were TEARing up everything they could - trying to get the boat cooler open and eventually, the food unwrapped. It opened my eyes in a whole new way to those cute little critters. :)

  12. Your finger must be sore from (1) taking all those pictures and (2) hitting the delete key?!?!?

  13. LOL Pat! It's my butt that's sore from sitting on this wood chair! May I add that I usually have 2-3 windows open at a time...so I'm accomplishing other things during the process. :)

  14. Please don't kill your photos (unless they are totally unworthy and out of focus)! Save them on web sites or on dvds or whatever. Those pictures on your blog are too good to condemn! I love 'em!

  15. Thanks 71square! Don't worry...I have them all saved to discs!


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