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A Bit Of A Fetish...

I love junk and costume jewelry...

I've been collecting for YEARS...

 And decided it was time to sort it out...

Into what I want, what I can let go of, and what I can use for art...

And it's totally ridiculous the amount I have...

But I love it all...

And can't wait to do something with it now that I've had my hands on it...

Although I have no idea what at this point...

But I'm sure I'll think of something...

 Like taking it apart and making new pieces out of it...

Or adding it to art dolls, or books...

Or something. 

If you have any ideas...let me know.


  1. Oh my gosh, annie! What a stash! I saw an idea in a magazine where the artist made large paper bows and used vintage costume jewelry as the centers. They looked fabulous on packages! Just sayin’.

  2. Ohh, I like that idea! I have some paper twist which makes a really pretty bow. But...I have a stash of store bought bows to use up first. I have quit buying...since moving here...and still haven't made a dent hardly in my stash.

  3. What fun. I can't wait to see what you do with it all!

  4. thanks waggonswest...I can't wait either!!! I've been pulling out fabrics for a new book this morning and will search online for ideas to use the jewelry. :) excited! :)

  5. woooowha~~~~~~~~~~~! I want to lay my hands on them !!!!! Some of them would look really good if you paint them with 'patina' color and some powder pearls (copper or yellow gold) to give extreme antique look !

  6. Ahhh like that idea too Sung-Hee. ONE of the things I don't have in my stash is patina color but I do have powder pearls. I'll have to experiment!

  7. Wow! Your journal covers and postcards would look awesome...well, more awesome with some of these on them!!

  8. Thanks Scatter. I don't know why I didn't add embellishments with this last "batch" of journal covers but I may go back and do just that. Appreciate your input! :)

  9. First of all, thanks for your kind comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. Second: it's very nice to get a look at your workplace and supplies. I think that is inspiring in itself. Enjoy your stash!

  10. You're welcome Caatie. And thank you! I started a new book yesterday - due in part - to your inspirational art!

  11. Annie, that stash is proof of the bohemian in you! Some folk around here call me the queen of embellishment, but you certainly take the cake for that!
    Thanks for visiting tanglewoodthreads threads and for your lovely comments.
    BTW how the heck do you manage to slip your responses to comments immediately after a person's comment? Not being able to do that has been one of my pet peeves with blogger!

  12. Hey Penny! Thanks so much for visiting MY blog. I don't always have time but when I do...I love yours!
    Yep...ephemera is my passion...er...one of them anyway!
    And, I simply type in the 'Post A Comment' box - which is directly under comments - and hit enter. Not sure if there's a setting somewhere that needs tweaking in the 'design' section of blogger but I'll get my super duper computer geek niece to find out & will let you know.
    Keep making your beautiful art!

  13. It IS treasure Gio!!! Even if it is costume jewelry...I feel So rich...in so many ways. Thanks so much for stopping by - and for the comment!


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