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I Feeeel Gooo-ud - DO DO DO DO DO DO DO

ART has a way of changing my attitude. I can always, always count on it to make my world a better place. Not that it's a bad place to begin with but for those of you that know me...you know I can be pretty moody.

Blogging usually makes me feel better too. It's a great way to 'get it out'.

Bear leaving for Iraq, worrying about him and his wife, Winge, dealing with my teeth problems and dreading the upcoming tests and dental work that need to be done - have all had me a little bummed.

So...I went out and bought furniture. :)

Several pieces!

Then after placing it where it belongs, I got back into my playroom and made Sophia some little owls for her birthday. They turned out, in my opinion, adorable and they're making me so happy.

I find that most of the projects I work on make me happy. Not always at first, but eventually, my innards are humming.

And that's the place I wanna be.

When I've got all those good vibrations going out...they're eventually gonna come right back at me.

And it makes me look at my whole life in a better, more positive, exciting light.

So...as I've said so many times before, Bear WILL thrive in Iraq and in the Army, Winge will thrive right along with him and...(I haven't said this many times but I need to) my dental work and esophageal endoscopy will go perfectly smooth.

The first endoscopy I had in Cape Coral went smooth as a whistle.

The last endoscopy I had was done by Dr. Jaggers in Tampa. After they anesthetized me, I woke up to a bright light shining in my eyes. I was too dopey to realize at first that it was the doc with the end of the tube that was about to go down my throat which was shining. I saw her (Dr. Jaggers) and said, "Hey Doc, How ya doin"? She told me she was doing fine on this beautiful Wednesday morning and I replied, "Great...I am too". And I immediately konked out again. I think.

A couple/few hours later at home, my throat started burning. Burning. Bad.

I tried calling Dr. Jaggers and left a couple messages but never heard back from her or her office, so I went to see my sweet nurse practicioner, Camille Caldwell. She told me it looked like I'd been 'nicked', put me on antiobiotics, gave me some wonderful numbing stuff called Lidocain and advised pain killers.

When I went to Dr. Jaggers a couple weeks later for the follow up report, I mentioned the 'nick' to her. I reminded her that I'd woken up right before she stuck the tube down my throat and asked her if I'd struggled.

She said, "Let me look at my notes", and then told me that patients who weren't overweight usually had no problem being anesthetized. She never answered my question.

That was it. Oh yeah...except to tell me that if I'd lose 100 pounds, I'd be better off all around.

OK, I agree that I need to lose weight - even more so then than now - but if I'd lost 100 pounds at that point in my life, I'd have been emanciated.

I told her I agreed that I'd be better off all around by losing weight and decided then and there that she was the first weight I was taking off.

I got up and walked out of her office.

I really wish I'd said a few things that I won't mention here, but I was too flabbergasted to think of them then.


I just realized I've lost some of my happy. 

See what happens when I dwell on stuff like that?!?

So...it's time to add some pictures. I'm going way back in my album and will just randomly tell you about some of my favorite shots. 

Pictures of the new (used) furniture and Sophia's birthday present will come later when I get them taken and loaded.

Here's a picture of our house in Cape Coral which we sold in 3 weeks - right after the market started quickly heading south. It was meant to be because others in the neighborhood took months to sell or...never sold at all.

Anticipating Sophia's birth...

Heading out Pine Island Sound in our little boat for a day at the beach. That's the bridge connecting Matlacha and Cape Coral to Pine Island.

Cayo Costa - our favorite spot - was like having our own private paradise...no boats for miles...except ours of course.

We'd boat up to Punta Gorda and have lunch at Fisherman's Wharf every now and then...

I'm definitely getting my happy back. :)

We took off for a long trip - for us - to Venice Beach one day and had drinks at Sharkeys at Venice Pier.

Took the Gulf Of Mexico up and the Intracoastal Waterway back.

Another favorite spot was Boca Grande...

Especially when the Tarpon roll...

One day, in Boca Grande Pass, we came across this school of Rays. There were Hundreds of them...

Back to land. These little burrowing owls are highly protected in SW Florida.

You know...I really miss Cape Coral but I'm learning to be content where-ever I am. 

And right now, I wouldn't want to be anyplace else on earth.

These are the super friendly great guys that pump our gas. Yep - they only have full service at the pump. :)

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  1. I love you outlook on life. But I have to ask why an endoscopy? How are you doing???


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