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All Hail To The Red, White and Blue

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day.

It's also the day my dad was born way back in 1927. Happy Birthday Dad!

He was a Veteran.

He served in World War II in Japan, in the Korean War and again in Viet Nam.

He and my mom had six kids and it often makes me wonder how in the world Momma got by for those years when Dad was deployed. I wonder if Dad was happy for the break because I, for one, was a hell-raiser and all around wascally wabbit and 


I was one of the good ones.


My siblings would heartily disagree with that assessment.

Honestly though, I know he didn't like leaving us any more than we liked him leaving.

My mom would write to him every day. She was always a terrible speller and I can still hear her calling my name..."annie! How do you spell (whatever)"?!? (That's when he was in Nam).

Dad cherished Mom. Plain and simple.

I remember when I was around 4-6 years old and Dad was always singing and whistling. I've never met a better whistler. :) I've had many a strange look pointed my way when I break out into a full fledged whistle. 

And I'm not talking about my attention getting whistle that I use my fingers for. :) 

But he could really carry a tune.

Dad served in the Army for two years and then in the Air Force for 28. During my life, we were stationed at Wolter's Air Force Base in Mineral Wells, Texas (where I was born), then at Mitchel AFB in Long Island, NY. By that time I was 5 years old and he was sent to Ankara, Turkey where we lived until I turned 9. After that, it was Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS and finally Langley AFB in Hampton, VA which is where he finally retired.

He loved and was loved by many and we miss him. 

A lot.

So...Thank You Dad.

I salute you.

I also salute my son, Bear. 


I just stood up at attention and saluted each of them.

And I salute each and every Veteran who has served and is serving the United States of America.

And I thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Bear is known as Wade in the Army. His given name is Nathan Emerson and I am SO proud of him.

He left Monday night for his second deployment to Iraq. 

It's been harder to let him go back than it was for him to go the first time. 

I think.

No matter. It's hard.

Horribly, heartrendingly hard.

I hate that he and Winge are separated for a whole nother year.

It shouldn't be.

I would love to see the government reinstate the draft.

Then maybe my son and his battle buddies wouldn't have to go so often. He knows men and women that have deployed three and four times. 

I just don't think that's right.

I can't say anymore right now.


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