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Alligator Quilties

You know, I don't always like some of the cutsey names that people come up with for...whatever, but Quilties just sounds so...cute...and appropriate. So I'm happily calling these...Alligator Quilties...
When I returned from Bogota, I couldn't wait to get into the playroom for the first time and also couldn't wait to intrepret the alligator wallpaper border (see below) into fabric. I dug out surface designed fabrics that I had done previously and came up with enough to make three quilties. I love to make things 'assembly line' style and figured if I made three, I'd be able to choose the best to give as my gift. The orange alligator will be given to an as yet unknown recipient; the blue one in the middle will be for my inspiration, Julio and Maria's baby boy and the pink one will go to Sophia's room as soon as we can coordinate a time for Jerry to bring his drill down to Hillary's house and hang pictures. The houses here in Barranquilla are made of concrete block and in order to hang a picture you have to drill a hole for a screw. It really makes you think about what you put on your walls. Of course that didn't stop me from hanging around 50 pictures so far. (I haven't finished upstairs yet). (Or the lanai). But I digress. The fabrics used were mostly those that I've painted, stamped, stenciled, burned, batiked, dyed or discharged. I hope I didn't break any copyright laws in taking a picture of the wallpaper and then making the quilts. I drew the alligator template free hand while looking at the picture and tried to make them matchy so they would coordinate well in the nursery but I'm not selling them and don't claim them as original work. I did look online at many websites for the jungle print nursery wallpaper so I could give the proper credit due but didn't find it. After the gift is received by my friends in Bogota, I'll ask where they bought it and will publish the information. What do you think? Did I break copyright laws?

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  1. Those are incredibly beautiful. I can't believe how talented you are. Now pass some of that talent over here, OK?


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