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I'm finally to the Texas part of our vacation in my 'chronological" posts. 

We had two wonderful weeks in Florida and then headed to our son's house in Texas. 


He was just stationed at Fort Hood last month...so they'd only been there for 3 weeks before we arrived.

Bear and Winge came to pick us up and when we left the Austin airport - stopped to eat delicious BBQ - at my request - at this little restaurant before we even left the city. YUM!

Their house is awesome and they had a guest bedroom set up for the first time in their marriage - in honor of our coming. OMGoodness...they're all grown up!!!

We got treated to dinner at this funky cajun restaurant later in the week.

We loved every second of being there with him and his wonderful wife. 

My hubby makes alligators out of metal and I must write a blog post on his art because they're incredible. He had this one 

This one's named Taxi because he was made from a taxi door - purchased here in Barranquilla from a donkey cart. He doesn't have his feet or wheels on in this pix.
in the suitcase (tail tucked and feet bent under) for a month before we left in anticipation of bringing it to the kids. :) Winge got a kick out of walking him in the back yard. 

Bear had a couple of days off before he had to report for duty so we went puppy-dog shopping. 

This sweet two year old - 

later named Tazzie - 

because she's an Australian Cattle Dog - 

was in the pound and after bringing her home and to the Vet...

That's yard sale stuff over there behind Tazzie.

we realized she was sick. 

Thankfully, Bear's heart is bigger than Texas and he rescued her in more ways than one. The latest report is that she's gaining weight and thriving.

Since this is their first house, they were ready for pets

and one night while Winge was working (at her temporary job)...

Bear went to fetch a kitten advertised on Craigslist. :)

So we had a house full of love.

I have to admit, 

I totally got into having the critters around and they took to us humans and eventually to each other just like they (we) belonged together.

They named the kitty Cooper and after he taught that girly dog who was the boss...

they're best of friends.

We did a lot of shopping - mostly at yard sales - and lots of eating while there 

Actually...we didn't eat here and it's in Austin...but close enough.

and managed to only gain a couple pounds. YAY! The kids eat good, sensible food so we did too for the most part. I did a little work on my art journal every day...

and we just had a wonderful, relaxed time...basking in the pure joy of being with the kids.

We celebrated Jerry's 65th Birthday while there and Winge baked him a German Chocolate cake to die for - from scratch and hung balloons and made over Dad like he should be made over.

Bear will possibly (probably) be deployed again late this year to Afghanistan. 

That makes his third deployment in just over five years in the Army. 

I believe he will thrive as he has been doing 

and that Winge will stay strong while keeping the home fires burning.

I'm so proud, We're so proud of both of them...

we just don't know how we can say it enough.

All too soon our two weeks had flown by and Cooper helped us pack our bags.

Bear and Winge drove us back to Austin 

where we spent a beautiful day walking around South Congress Ave.

Artsy Fartsy. Right up my alley!

Create your life ya'all...



  1. What a lovely son and daughter-in-law! Aren't you the lucky mama! (and tell them to be careful, I just might have to kidnap Cooper! Such a cutie! Tazzie too!)

    1. Thanks Robin! I wanted to kidnap them myself! And not just the pets!

  2. Annie, you have a beautiful family. Can't believe how talented your husband is...wowzer! I think my husband would thrive in the metal arts. He's a musician and I haven't been able to get him to cross over into the visual arts. I think he would do well. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us!

    1. Thanks Adriann! I always knew Jerry had a creative streak in him and for years I encouraged him to make “Part Art” from all the car parts that were a huge part of our history. He’s also a really good mechanic and has always had a project car or two - to work on.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you! Even though you deleted the comment from here...I still got the email and really appreciate it!

  4. What a lovely family you have Annie, and oh those pets...Tazzie is sweet and looks right at home, as for Cooper, he's like an owl with that oh so cute expression.

    1. Thank you Ann. Makes me want pets even though I know we can’t have them in this house.

  5. They are a lovely couple, and please tell THEM (I know it has to make it easier for your son having a good loving wife behind him)thankyou!!
    And you!! You went to Uncommon Objects!!!!!
    I am jealous!!

    1. Thank you dear Gayle! I will tell them thank you just for you. Winge is Army Strong and so is Bear. She’s the woman I prayed for all of his life. (Pedro is the man I prayed for…for Hillary). Ain’t life grand?!? And I had never heard of Uncommon Objects but I loved it there and want to go back! Let’s meet up next trip!!!

  6. Lots of sweetness in this post. Looks like you son has himself a winner in his lovely wife and they have adopted a couple of gorgeous fur babies! They will be a great comfort while your son is away later in the year. Thanks for sharing this with us and please keep us posted particularly when your son goes o/seas! All the best

    1. Thank you so much Jan-Maree! I’m happy too that Winge will have company while he’s gone. Last deployment they were in a ‘NO PETS” apartment so this will be a lot of comfort for her. I’ll keep you posted and again…thank you.

  7. Fantastic post, lovely boy and his wife, two cute new furry kids, great food, great touring, what a trip. xox

    1. Thank you, thank you Corrine. This post brought tears to my eyes several times while writing it. I even thought that those who honor me by reading my blog might skip over it because it wasn’t artsy…but I’ve received so many lovely comments. It makes me love you and my blogging friends even more. And I’ve got those tears in my eyes again.

  8. Wow what an awesome trip! I can so see your features in your son Annie!!! The 'critters' (lol) are just absolutely adorable, I just wanna squish them both....oh I wish I had room for more :( xx

    1. Thanks Jennibellie! Isn’t he beautiful?!?  When (if) we move…we’ll go somewhere that we can have pets.

  9. I love seeing new pics of Winge and Bear. Some year - I'm going to meet Winge. I know I like her already, but I want to give her a hug.

    I love the picture of the cat with his back arched. Was he looking in the mirror?

    1. I know! Those pictures are precious to the max!!! They are so in love.  You will love her. Maybe she’ll come to your wedding with me. I’ll have to work on that one. The kitty was chasing sunbeams across the floor and I couldn’t get my camera on fast enough to get the shot of him on his hind legs. He was having a blast! I love you Tami.

  10. The crocodiles are incredible.
    Glad you enjoyed your Austin experience so much.

    There are artists everywhere ~ they are just more organized in some places than others.

    1. Thanks Carol! I’m posting nearly every day in an attempt to ‘historicize’ my art…and life but I’ll get more of Jerry’s alligators posted asap! You’ll see that he is the real artist in the family. 
      And yes…I helped organize AQU – an art quilt group in Fort Myers, FL – and it was amazing to see all of the ‘hidden’ talent come out! I do love the experience of seeing them all in one place.


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