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How can you live to be 58 years old and not know that Austin, TX is such an artsy city? 


Welp, I have to admit...

that while I've been practicing art for roughly 10 years...

I am quite ignorant about most of the art world. 

So it was an extra special treat to be told by dear friends in FL - 

when they found out I was flying into Austin - 

that they wanted to go there to explore the art communities...

and was I going to? 

I was thinking...like...what art communities?!? 

So...even though it was only a pinky toe dip in the water so to speak, 

when the kids brought us back to Austin for the plane home

on Saturday morning 

(after yard sale-ing in Killeen) 

for arts unknown. 

We headed first for our hotel to drop off our luggage 

and asked the desk clerk if she knew of any Art areas close by. 

She sent us to South Congress Avenue...

which is close to -

or in - 

the downtown area 

and we blissed out on all the artists, 

funky shops 

and restaurants. 

I noticed that some signs said SoCo 

and asked one of the ladies where I bought a pin what it stood for. 

She told me the locals didn't call the area SoCo, 

but the tourists did in an attempt to compare this area to SoHo in NYC. 

So named 

because the shops lined each side of South Congress Avenue for blocks 

in every direction.

No matter what you call it, 

it was fun, 

it was funky 

and it was definitely artsy. 

I asked before taking most of these pictures 

and you have my promise that I won't try to reproduce anything seen here. 

this is one I wouldn't even THINK about trying to reproduce but found it fascinating nevertheless
But I sure won't let it stop me from being motivated!

Even though I tried...

I took too many pix to get them all into one post!!!

So even though I thought I was done with vacation slides...

you get to see more - next time! :)

Until then...

Create Your Life,

That's me and my Bear in the reflection.



  1. What a great place to have been and seen, I would have spent hours there!

  2. Wonderful! Thanks so much for the virtual tour!

  3. WOW - bucketloads of inspiration here. Thanks for all the pics :-)

  4. I love travel adventures that take you to places unknown. I didn't know about the art community in Austin either. Thanks for sharing! I especially loved that mosaic door!!!

  5. funky indeed! looks like you had a blast.

  6. yummy, yummy, yummy, I want to go back and explore these shops too. Next vacation there I guess. xox

    1. I plan to go back in October. I’ll be ‘prepared’ to go for a couple days instead of a few hours…which simply means – leaving the kids at home! :) And hubby too! Hope you make it there soon!

  7. It's been so many years since I've been to Austin - and dang it I never made it to the artsy district! Thanks for showing it off.

    1. This was my first trip…but NOT my last! As long as my son is stationed at Fort Hood, I’ll be seeing the city as much as possible!


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