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I Know I Promised Pictures of the Caribbean...but

I reorganized my play room today and I have to show you the results!!!

Jerry - whom I've never been able to get to fix up all my wonderful old yard sale furniture...has suddenly taken an interest in refinishing a few pieces.

Isn't retirement wonderful!!!???!!!

The Spanish word for retired is jubilado. Perfect, isn't it?

We've found a great used furniture store, Remates Guillo's, and just before Christmas, we popped in to see what was new. 

Jerry found an old bookcase in the corner and it was so beat up that even I wasn't interested - although I could see that it had character. (I wish I'd taken a picture - but I didn't).

Anywho...there it is...on the right hand side of the picture below. It has a sliding glass door and lots of shelving - along with it's new finish and repairs - and because of it, my room got a make over.

Isn't it great?

I bought 20 big plastic bins to store my fabric in before we left Cape Coral and they were stacked all over the room, under the tables, in the aisles, against the wall.

Welp, Jerry offered his 'dressing room' as an overflow and he moved most of them today (those that I don't use daily) and I feel like my space tripled!!!

The wall of windows on the opposite end of the room give me lots of light. One of my machines faces the window. The other faces that fabulous framed clock.

I'm not sure if I will - but if I wanted to do a workshop - there's now room for at least 2 more people - comfortably.

The yellow chair is where Sophia will sit. She's been trying to take over my spot but I think she'll be thrilled with the new arrangement. Tomorrow when she comes to spend the night, I've promised her that we'll get out HER "bachine" so she can learn to sew all by herself.

So...that's it for now! 

It's late and I'm running on adrenaline but first thing tomorrow, I'm gonna be in there playing with some of those really cool things I found while moving everything around today.

We'll be off to the beach on Thursday and I'll take lots of pictures to show you.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot!!! I've found a group of ladies who meet weekly to do quilting projects!!! I'll meet with them for the second time tomorrow. Can't wait!

Create your life,



  1. This is some playroom!!!!!! Lots of people will envy all your space..... I really like that you have all the re-purposed pieces of junk furniture. I do too, and most were free from the dumpster at the apt. complex where I live.

    Isn't it amazing what some people discard?

    Thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. Hey Susan!

    When we rented this house it had to have:

    1 - a large room for making art (I got so much more that I even dreamed).


    2 - a large garage for Jerry to play in.

    We got both! The rest of the house, which I love, just happened to come with it.

    90% of my furniture - or more - is a cast off from a yard salt, thrift store, auction, side of the road or given to me. I LOVE it all!

    I especially love that my hubby has taken an interest in making it vibrate such beautiful energy!!!


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