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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

This is my most recent 'morning' picture taken in Kansas back in October when Jerry and I were headed back to the airport to come home.
Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning...
It's time to rise and shine...
Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning...
I hope you're feeling fine!

Quick get up - get out of bed...
Quick get up you sleepy head...
Quick get up - you know there's plenty to do
Doodely do do doodely doodely dooooo.

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning
It's creating time!!!

I love that song.

It always makes me happy and hopefully made my kids happy on the occasions when I woke them singing it.

Now I sing it to myself and Jerry - along with a few other happy songs to get my day off right.. I'm sure the neighbors can hear me 

Taken way back in June or July but the best pix I have of the 6 story bldg behind me. THOSE are the neighbors I worry about waking. :)

but I try not to think about that...except in the sense that it'll make them happy too.

Unless they wanted to sleep in.

The weather in Barranquilla is enough to make you feel good. My friend told me that as I go about town, I'll notice that the Barranquilleros are happier than usual and it's because of the lower humidity and wind.

Today's forecast is a high of 89 degrees with 79% humidity with winds at 8 miles an hour. The sky is sunny and blue and I love it.


Sticky, sweaty nights are just a memory with the wind coming through the house these days. We still use the fan - but more to block out noise than to keep cool.

From what we've been told, this weather pattern - with mucho more wind - most days lots more - will hold until March. 

Woo Hoo!

Christmas is another reason why the people here are so happy. Decorations went up in full force the week of Thanksgiving and have been getting more and more evident as the day draws near.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I don't usually decorate until a few days before Christmas, but we actually have two trees up and ready for decorations. Jerry is working on the lights as we speak.

I've gathered all of my Christmas stuff from around the house and have it laying on a table on my lanai.

That table was one of the best things I've purchased since moving here. 

The angle doesn't show how tall it is and that's Jerry working on a key mobile which reminds me daily that I have ALL the keys to life.

It's taller and longer than the average dining table which makes it perfect to not only eat on, but as a laundry folding station, work on projects outside area, overflow when we have company and hold all. We bought it for $50 at a second hand shop after considering it for a week or more and I'm SO glad we did!

Ok - I better get busy decorating or it'll be another day gone - but - before I go, I wanted to show you more of Barranquilla at Christmas time...

This one and the next two were taken at Buena Vista Mall.

Merry Almost Christmas!!!


  1. Love, love, love all these wonderful photos!!! Love your high level of enthusiasm, too! A girl after my own heart ;-)

  2. I remember you singing the following, not the one above:

    Good Morning to you.
    Good Morning to you.
    We're all in our places.
    With bright smiling faces.
    Good Morning to you.
    Good Morning to you.

    And I hated it cause I WAS NOT (and still am not) A MORNING PERSON!

    Love you so much Annie!

  3. love that first pic. and you're wonderful art.


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