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Christmas Week

What a wonderful month it's been!

I thought Christmas week would be a lot more nostalgic than it turned out to be but it was simply beautiful...inside and out.

Still is.

I began Christmas Eve morning at Fabio Stilo's - the salon where I get my nails done. 

These guys were sitting outside getting ready to go to work...

(Not at Fabio's)

I'd decided earlier in the week that my manicure / pedicure could wait until after Christmas but the closer I got to the day...the worse my nails looked. So Chave squeezed me in at 7 am. I was amazed that when I arrived, the place was hoppin! 

I didn't get a picture of Chave, but while I waited for her to arrive, I shot this one of Fabio...

PS (They charge a grand total of $9.50 for BOTH - manicure and pedicure). (Amazing isn't it)?!?

Then - I rushed back home (takes almost 2 hours to get nails done) and finished wrapping Sophia's presents because the kids were coming over early to open presents.


Everyone was tickled pink but we all missed Bear and Winge like nobody's business.

I made a cheesy seafood casserole for lunch

and bought chocolate bars for dessert. 

doncha just love this picture of Hillary?!?

and this one of Jerry?!?

Easy peasy - and everybody was happy... 

Later that night we were invited to Pedro's cousin's house (Carlos) for a Christmas dinner party. It was awesome and I met - and put together - many of his relatives from his mom's side of the family.  

Then on Christmas Day - Jerry and I went to Astrid's house (Pedro's mom) and celebrated with Quique's family. (His Step-father). It was relaxing and so much fun.

We felt so welcome and loved at both parties but were happy to get back home to just...


I'll leave you with more of the pictures I took of awesome Barranquilla during this beautiful season...

this is the first year - maybe ever that we've put lights in the windows!

standing in the same spot, I shot this picture to the left of me and the following one to the right

our dining room - outside looking in

waiting for Santa?!?

this is where Sophia goes to school

our neighbors a few doors down - this one and the one below

this tree was in the lobby of Carlo's building (Pedro's cousin)


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  1. Love your photos...ALWAYS! Especially the close-ups of Hilary and the others. Faces fascinate, don't they?

    Happy New Year, Annie!


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