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With all these fabric scraps?!?

My friend, Robin, of Pink House Studio, met up with me and hubby for a cup of coffee when I visited FL this last time and brought me a bag full of goodies. 

A week or so after coming home, I sorted through the mound of scraps and put all of those with interfacing or fusible web in one baggie, all of those with surface design in another and so forth and so on.

Well, in the time between then and taking pictures, I'm afraid lots of it got buried in my stash bin - in my search for materials for projects. So, I've only photographed a wee bit of what she brought me.

The face you see in this stack is of her son...so I'm honored to have custody for a time.

The way wonderful journal is one she made. (Insert big smile here). She sells others like it in her Etsy shop. 

And the magazines!!! Wow!!! What you see is only about half of what she had in that goodie bag for me.

I've read through and passed on several of them to my Colombian quilt group, saved a bunch for project ideas and still haven't gotten through them all. They're priceless because the mail system here is so expensive and unstable. (I do get some digitally, but there's nothing like the hard copy).

Anyway, it's taken me awhile to get this posted because of camera battery problems and well, I just like to post my stuff in the chronological order that I took the pictures.

I took this picture of my design board...and cards that Robin made...and gifted me with...and also sells...are on the shelf in front of it. They say Create Your Life.

But, just because I'm late in saying so here, doesn't make me any less appreciative of these really fabulous treasures. I've thanked Robin privately and want to do so again now because her gifts just keep on giving.

A wall of posters from when I took a walk the other day.

Thank you Robin!!!

Can you believe I'm posting this picture?!?

Create Your Life,

Another picture taken while walking. You can see the sign for McDonalds on the left in the background...which is where we walked to...for a McFlurry. There were a few policemen on the sidewalk for some reason. Hmmm.


and just for the fun of it...here's Sophia's design board. :)


  1. Awwww shucks! You are very, very welcome my friend!

  2. well, I think your picture is just so sweet!!! And the fabric scraps? how amazing they look.

    1. LOL! Thank you. :) The scraps are amazing and Robin knows I'll LOVE using them!

  3. I don't doubt you will find many projects to complete with this fabulous stash. I love Sophia's inspiration board. I love the fact that she already has one. xox

    1. When I was posting yesterday, I got all excited about the fabric again. Almost feel an urgency to get in there and USE it up! And Sophia's design board...totally thrills me and HER! You should see her looking for the right spot to put her next piece up and placing the pins in just the right spot. She's amazing.

  4. What fun! Why is it that someone else's scraps are so much better than our own!
    Take care!
    Love your photo by the way!

    1. Thanks Gill! I don't know...but it's the truth! Glad you like that photo! HA!

  5. I just love generosity overload like this, lucky you! And the picture of you is priceless, haha. ;-)

    1. LOL! Thanks Caatje! Generosity overload. Love that phrase.

  6. Hi Annie, thanks for commenting on my blog. I am sure you will have fun if you get to make some of the bags from jeans!
    Love that journal idea.
    We know some people who used to live in Columbia. I always listen out when there is news about your country!
    Sandy in the UK

    1. YW Sandy! Later last night, I thought about one that I haven't finished. Now...to figure out where I put it! Colombia is quite an adventure but I sure do miss the USA! Thanks so much for visiting.


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