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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends...

Okey Doke...

This is a continuation of our USA trip last week for anyone interested. :)

Really...I have almost 30K pictures in my photo program so...my blog is to help ME remember what, when and where.

We left Fort Myers Beach


and headed over to visit friends 

Lisa, Steve, Laurie, Pete, Stephanie, Jerry and me.

where Jerry used to work in grounds and maintenance at Lexington Country Club. Actually that picture was taken at a new restaurant/bar that the Lexington crowd likes to frequent.

As always, Laurie, his old boss, (in the white shirt) had the golf course in prime condition and the grounds looked spectacular. She gets standing ovations when she walks by the club house from the appreciative members and residents. 

Then it was off to Cape Coral 

to stay with my dear, crazy, funny, artist friend, Vicky and her hubby, Chris.  

She delivers for Edible Bouquets and her boss-lady sent one home with her for us to enjoy. And it was delicious!

Thank you very much Boss Lady!

We totally relaxed for three days and loved seeing her and her family!

Jerry and I visited Karen and Dennis on Friday and although it was short and sweet...it was a good visit. Jim and Ronnie also stopped by to say hi while we were there. Karen's been going through chemo so we didn't stay long. Thank God she's doing very well. 

I also stopped in to see my lovable mentor, Carol, who is a fabulous fiber artist and has just helped her daughter begin a new business called Kids Quilt Too! Check them out at...http://www.kidsquilttoo.org/

While I was visiting Carol, (her hubby had a boat charter and wasn't home) Jerry went to see his old buddy Bob - 

our old house

who lives down the street from our old house.


Guess what we did on Saturday morning?!?

Yep!!! Chris, Vicky, Jerry and I went to yard sales!!!


It was SO hard not to buy everything I saw.

Spirit Airlines reduced the limit for suitcases to 40 pounds...where it used to be hard enough at 50. So, I had to really watch what I purchased.

But I did get those angel wings that are on the Janice art doll from my last post. Actually, those wings are what got me started making them...because they needed a place to live.

I also bought lots of books. I love books and they just can't be bought here in Colombia. Well...in English at least. To order them from Amazon or where-ever costs an arm and a leg for shipping so it's a high priority item when I go to the States now.

And yard sales are a great place to buy them. :)

Jerry had an army back pack as his personal item. (Carry-ons now cost $20 if you register ahead, $30 if you don't). So, since there isn't a weight limit on the personal item thing - just needs to fit under the plane seat - we were able to pack it with about 20 books.

Woo Hoo!

Thank you Jerry. 

It was not an easy thing to tote around the airport. 

On Sunday afternoon, after a lovely brunch at Vicky's, we headed to Naples.

But more later...

It's Easter Sunday and I have company coming.

Happy Easter Ya'all!


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