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bohemiannie! art bio

I'm brand spanking new to blogging and thought I'd start with a little info about myself. I'm a self-taught artist who LOVES to work with fiber and mixed media. I have taken many classes and workshops from artists that come near my area so their influence can be seen in much of my work. I call my "business" bohemiannie! art because it has that bohemian flair - you know - outside the mainstream AND because I have been described as bohemian many times over the years, and my name is annie! so...voila! - bohemiannie! art! Fun, huh?

I've sewn and done arts and crafts all my life. (There is NO shame in doing crafts people). I sold items every now and then to supplement my husband's income but I was so busy home-educating my children that I didn't get a lot of artsy stuff done in those days. I finally got serious about making art in 2006 when i made an emergency trip to Germany because my daughter was there and having surgery and I needed gifts to bring to some of our friends. I had so much fun making those gifts that I literally haven't stopped since.

When I returned from my impromptu trip, I started working on all those UFO's (un finished objects) that had been piling up over the years and with each one I completed, I was on fire to get to the next one. I'm done with all those UFO's (I have new ones now) but still on fire. :) I did a lot of art quilting in those days and still love making those wall hangings but I've also been trying my hand at making bohemiannie! bags (purses) and bohemiannie! hootchie mamas. Both are delightful to me and help me use up my very, very extensive collection of ephemera.

OK - my grandaughter, my priority, just woke up and popped her head in the office so I'll see ya later.

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